About Us

Welcome to Tropical Coffee Traders, your number one source for Tanzania Green Coffee. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of Green Coffee, with a focus on dependability, reliability and customer service.

We are an emerging local company in Tanzania with an international twist.

Tropical Coffee Traders started as parchment buyers in Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, buying small lots directly from farmers and selling in the Auction held by the Tanzania Coffee Board that takes place every week on Thursdays in Moshi, Tanzania. We have visited or bought Coffee from every growing Coffee region in Tanzania, enabling us to forge strong relationships with farmers, estates, Cooperatives and Coffee buyers.

Fast forward to today Tropical Coffee Traders is one of the official bidders in the Auction held by the Tanzania Coffee Board that takes place every week on Thursdays in Moshi, Tanzania.

Being parchment buyers directly from the farm and having visited or bought Coffee from all the growing Coffee areas gave us knowledge and insight into the areas and the farmers/estates/cooperatives that produces good to excellent Coffee.

We have our own liquoring facilities where our chief liquor has over 20 years experience with Tanzania Coffee.

Our main focus is Arabica Coffee from Kilimanjaro, Mbeya and Ngorongoro regions, we source Arabica Coffee mainly from the weekly coffee auction and from single Farmers, Estates and Cooperatives, but we are also able to supply Robusta from the Kagera/Bukoba region where we have a partnership with local farmers.

Being a local company and the relationships we have forged locally with those involved in Coffee farming, transportation, milling and the Tanzania Coffee Board we provide complete traceability information, that covers the entire coffee production chain, even the coffee we purchase weekly in the auction held by the Tanzania Coffee Board, enabling us as well to source single origin Coffees.

Now tropical coffee traders have specialized with our chief liquor starting to take orders for roasted coffee. Coffee quality is assured by the Tanzania Coffee Board and they issue all documents required to export.

We work closely with traders, wholesalers and roasters.
We now serve customers in Europe, Middle East, China, North Africa, United Arab Emirates and Australia, and are thrilled to be a part of the Coffee World.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.