Every Thursday in Moshi, Tanzania, the Coffee Board holds an auction where the majority of Tanzania Coffee for export is offered and where licensed bidders like Tropical Coffee Traders are active participants and buyers. View our license to bid here.

Below is an explanation how the auction works:

Auction Procedure

1. Please note that the Auction is a weekly affair every Thursday from August to May

2. Majority of Coffee on offer is Arabica

3. Coffee arrives in the Millers from all the growing Coffee regions in Tanzania

4. Millers send samples to the Coffee Board

5. 1/2 weeks before the auction all the official bidders receive the auction catalogue

6. 1 week before the auction all the official bidders receive samples for every single lot on offer

7. Tropical Coffee Traders does the cupping for every single lot received in their liquoring facility, this will enable Tropical Coffee Traders to identify those lots of interest

8. On Auction day those lots successfully bided and won by Tropical Coffee Traders are allocated to Tropical Coffee Traders

9. On Auction day samples of those lots allocated to Tropical Coffee Traders are available to be sent to customers

10. Coffee Board issues a release instruction within 7 days to the Millers.

11. Tropical Coffee Traders takes the sample received prior to the auction and checks it against the Coffee being stored in the Millers

12. After successfully checking, Tropical Coffee Traders transports the Coffee to the Tanzania Coffee Board warehouse in Dar Es Salaam

13. Coffee is prepared for shipping

14. Tanzania Coffee Board issues all documents for export

15. Vessel sails


1. As an example, a previous Auction, there were on offer a total of 23,908 bags of 60KG (1,434.48MT) split in about 400+ lots. Only 9 bidders were present (including Tropical Coffee Traders).

2. Lots on offer are from single Farmers, Estates, Cooperatives, Farmer groups and others

3. Lots size vary from 100kg to 20,000+kg

4. All lots are categorized by seller name, grade, quantity and Miller

5. The following grades are on offer for Arabica Coffee: AAA, AA, PB, AB, A, B, AF, C, E, F, UG, TT, TEX

6. Tropical Coffee Traders participates and bids in the Auction every single week whilst season lasts

7. It takes approximately 10/15 days from the Auction day for the Coffee to be ready for shipment

8. Every single lot of Coffee on offer is traceable to the Origin

9. Documents issued by the Tanzania Coffee Board Certifying ownership of the lots bought in the Auction by Tropical Coffee Traders are available on request